Saturday, August 25, 2012

Done Deal & Building…

Well, Elena Bathory has officially signed on to be co-owner, hostess and model at!  Elena and I are now partners and we both have some very cool stuff coming down the line.  We have officially set October 3rd 2012 as our opening date which also happens to be Elena’s birthday.  Be sure to stop by to say “Happy Birthday” to this sexy, metal Goddess and wish us luck with Castle Bathory.

I have been building the site, putting in about three hours daily coding and many more thinking.  While many rooms are available, the main rooms that are open for activity are “The Game Room”, “The Viewing Room”, our “Library” of evil ebooks and of course…the “Castle Door”.  We are also adding some very odd, twisted and evil little products…some exclusive to our site.  So…feel free to stop by (wear your construction hat) and hang in for a month or so for our Grand Opening.  It will definitely be something unique!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Major Announcement…

As hoped…it looks like Castle Bathory (www.CastleBathory) will be the new home of Model & Metal Goddess, Elena Bathory!  While we are still working out the details, it looks like Elena will be heavily involved in the site, basically becoming a co-owner, hostess, model, blogger, etc.  Castle Bathory will become Elena’s site with me providing the business management and technical expertise.  We are still looking forward to an October 2012 opening with galleries, entertainment and more.  However…we will be adding a MEMBERS ONLY, subscription type area of the site featuring (of course) Elena and most likely, her more ADULT ORIENTED material.

Again…we are working out all the details, but we are both quite excited about the prospects and our mutual hopes to make Castle Bathory an exciting

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home and entertaining place for all of our visitors!  Feel free to follow our progress as construction continues at

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Castle Bathory ( is under major development but you can still visit and see what we are building.  Twisted, sinister and Gothic with some big plans for entertainment, networking and unique products and services.